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Re: [opensuse-factory] wicked wicked
On 2014-01-24 00:03 (GMT-0600) Larry Finger composed:

Ken Schneider wrote:

Felix Miata composed:

Ifup has always worked nicely with single NIC systems on a 100% wired
LAN, no network "management" required. Why does unneeded network
"management" need to be entangled in everything as wicked appears to be?

Because the devs will never learn the lesson that they need to get something new
/working/ BEFORE making it the default. Does KDE4 and systemd ring any bells?

I won't go so far as to say that the devs will never learn; however, wicd (aka
wicked) is extremely wicked. I installed a copy to test something for a user,
and I also was unable to return to NetworkManager when through. The only thing
was to reinstall.

I tried to return to ifup by reinstalling with wicked tabooed. Ifup in 13.1 is in a package that in 13.2 does not exist. So far I've been unable to get 13.2 networking in that fresh install except by chroot to it from 13.1, which is why I started this thread. So far it's looking like anyone who wants eth0 started by ifup in 13.2 needs to get there by upgrading from a 13.1 that was using ifup.
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