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Re: [opensuse-factory] O Factory - Where art Thou?
Am 12.12.2013 20:18, schrieb Robert Schweikert:

I think we have long way to go to figure this out.

Hi Robert,

You appear very stressed. I wonder why - it's Christmas after all :)

Let's give this whole thing a more personal touch - instead of all that

I want to improve our development process, because *I* feel the pain
with it. You don't and that's perfectly fine - but I spend every morning
(this includes weekends) reviewing what hell broke lose this time. I
implemented several measures and convinced my colleagues to implement
even more. So our team was busy the last year or so:

- openqa improvements
- factory-auto reviewer
- groups of requests
- repo checker
- cycle detecter
- Factory:Rebuild syncer
- automatic setup of staging projects
- webui improvements for reviews
- legal-auto improvements
- faster factory status page
- working mail notifications for OBS

But OBS lacks some features to get a good grip on staging with so many
packages, so I experimented with fixed source rings
(openSUSE:Factory:Build is the bootstrap cycle, openSUSE:Factory:Core is
the minimal+X11 DVD, I'm not yet sure what the next ring will be, most
likely KDE+GNOME live cd combined).

And it's *really* hard to do that as a side project - there is always
something coming in the way, so I kind of hijacked Agustin's "2016"
thingy to make the team aware about the basic problems of our current
development process and we sat together to brain storm. Unfortunately
we didn't even have the time to document the brain storming in a way
fitting to a mailing list (I'm sure we still have the picture of the
white board if you're interested in *that* form of getting informed :).

So the whole thing sat around a bit and when we discussed it again,
we noticed some gaps and even more ideas. Agustin then made matters
worse by insisting on having these ideas presented as part of a long
term strategy - which it's not really. If you look closer, all we're
proposing are 3 things:

- further improvements to openQA
(that's a pretty small tool if you look closer, we can easily
estimate the effort there - even though we can be wrong)
- taking staging projects seriously including QA
(that will require a lot of experiments and as previously discussed
it might be easy or a total failure - no one knows)
- talk about an improved trust system instead of treating all packages
and all contributors the same. The discussion so far has shown that
there is more to it than you believe when you sit and brain storm,
but that's perfectly fine, isn't it?

Will this have an impact on the next release? No idea! Did I know for
certain we would be able to release 13.1? No, I didn't. We still managed to.

As I said in another thread: I'll happily ditch 13.2 or the 8 months
cycle if we find something better - and I do have my preferences there,
but I don't think we even need to discuss it right now.

What I ask you (and this is Stephan not the openSUSE team): give us some
credit. Let us take some risks - and don't expect that we have all
answers right now. I hear everyone talking about their expectations from
the openSUSE team, but I don't see too many asking where they can help.
So I guess, I have a question too: Why is that?

Greetings, Stephan

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