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Re: [opensuse-factory] O Factory - Where art Thou?
  • From: Ludwig Nussel <ludwig.nussel@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 16:59:00 +0100
  • Message-id: <>
Stephan Kulow wrote:
Our ideas are just ideas, but I had
several discussions in various places and nobody offered a better idea.
So we really would like to start with it and I would like to hear
your concerns so they can be part of the final solution.

There has been some feedback that in all the enthusiasm of throwing
ideas out we still lack a good summary of the goals behind all of
those proposals. So here's my attempt to contribute to the mess by
writing yet another mail :-)

tl;dr skip to "Long story short".

According to the numbers the amount of packages in Factory is
increasing➀. However, at the same time the download statistics➁ show
that the number of actual Factory users does not grow.
The former can be explained by successful efforts in the past which
had the goal of getting more packages. Regarding the latter the
openSUSE team thinks that one of the reasons for the stagnation is
that many don't perceive Factory as reliable enough to run it on
their development systems. At the same time however more users that
actually use Factory are needed to find issues early and fix them
quickly. One needs to feel the itch to start scratching. So this is
some kind of a chicken and egg problem.

Therefore we proposed➀ to create a process that keeps Factory as
usable as possible for our contributors (ie zypper dup should be
fairly safe at any point in time). This means Factory becomes a more
viable option for using it as "rolling distribution". That
designation in our opinion includes also regularly releasing ISO
image snapshots with working installer so people can get started

Crucial part to get there is introducing openQA➂ and staging
projects➃ in the process. All the work for that cannot be put on the
shoulders of just one guy. So we want to have a distributed,
balanced and robust development process ie share the workload among
teams with different roles. To make sure we get motivated people for
those teams the process needs to be set up in a way that promotes
mentoring and recognition➄.

So what kind of skills do we need there? The increasing amount of
packages indicates that the entry level of packaging is covered
quite well in the current system. The bottlenecks we have are in the
integration. What we need are more people that are up to the
challenge of taking care of the "core" packages and the integration
of them. So that's the kind of contributors we need to have in mind
first with the new Factory.

Long story short, the goals in those proposals are
- more focus on hardcore package maintainers and distro integrators
- ensure Factory is usable at any point in time
- have a distributed, balanced and robust development process
- promote mentoring and recognition


(o_ Ludwig Nussel
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, GF: Jeff Hawn, Jennifer Guild, Felix Imendörffer, HRB
16746 (AG Nürnberg)
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