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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse] Re: What happened to dovecot?
On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 9:14 PM, L.A. Walsh <suse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So making things clear and apparent to users is FUD, while doing
things without their consent is fine? You got FUD backwards.

I'm all for making things clear.

Not for disabling AppArmor by default. If anything, quite the
opposite. I suggest it should be kept on by default, and with profiles
for as many applications as possible.

And if a prompt is added to the install procedure, it has to state
clearly that if in doubt, leave it on.


That would be fine -- I just said it needs to be made
clear at install time that a non-standard security policy is being
turned on and that not doing so is bad practice (unless you are trying
to be microsoft...?) Next up? Trying to be Sony with a rootkit install
for the user's own good?

Mind you, SELinux and AppArmor are both quite standard.

You may not know which one is on, but they are quite standard nowadays.

And, if you read the release notes for 13.1, section 5.11. AppArmor
and Permission Settings, you'd know.
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