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Re: [opensuse-factory] O Factory - Where art Thou?
Susanne Oberhauser-Hirschoff - 18:32 28.11.13 wrote:


There is one thing that I'm missing, but that probably would need other
changes on obs than using it differently and adding submit request

The build server is what it says: a *build* server.

We use it as an integration server, quite successfully, and it comes
close, but it is not explicitely targeted at integration.

So it is missing a few features to better support integration:

* Tools like git support 'merge' tracking of changes in branches back
to mainline and from progress in mainline back to the branch. This
then also allows to bisect regressions to the integration issue.

Well, this would be feature request for OBS team. I think it was discussed in
the past many times already - that if during initial obs design instead of
reinventing the wheel git would be used to do version control system, things
would be simpler now... But hard to revert that although some tried over the

* Integration means testing, and testing may be a gate/decision point
whether further builds make sense at all (think rings). This
tracking of test status is not in the tool. And tests should gate
further work based on test status. And tests, automatic or manual,
have a smart and a stupid order doing them.

So you would like to see better integration between openQA and OBS?


However how will this help dependent multi-target projects (like gnome,
or kde or databases or d:lang:*) to likewise be stable at all^wmost

It looks to me like the flow that is proposed here continues to break
projects that build for both factory and other released distributions.

Few comments:

* It will not break stable versions
* Changes done in devel project should be send to Factory anyway
** If changes are in Factory, base is not going to change to break everything
without fix provided

Sooo, the solution is simple, if you want your stuff not getting broken as
nobody know what you have, submit your changes to Factory and don't keep them
to yourself :-) Devel projects are packages on the way to Factory anyway ;-)

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