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Re: [opensuse-factory] O Factory - Where art Thou?
On Thu, 28 Nov 2013 16:24:09 +0100
Alberto Planas Dominguez <aplanas@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Quoting Josef Reidinger <jreidinger@xxxxxxx>:

Hi Coolo,
good article and interesting idea. I think I also commented original
mail about rings. I am not sure if it is right direction how it
should go, because there is still too much human interaction. I
think that in optimal case all work should do machines and humans
only solve exceptions or special cases.
Of course it depends if we have enough build power to keep all work
to machines.

My idea is much simplier:

1) for every package submission to factory create own COW copy of
factory where try to build package and all of its dependencies ( so
quick for leaf package and slow for core package )

2f) if this fail reject submission, then create from copy staging
project and fix all problems related to failure

2o) if everything is fine, then create ISO and test it in openQA and
follow to 3

Very similar to what we are proposing so far!

But this stage can be avoided IMHO. We do not need ISOs to test GCC,
kernel or systemd. The ISO is needed to test the installation
process: YaST, KIWI or whatever tool is used in the medium.

Sorry, but I completelly disagree. Maybe it is because I am in Yast
team, but you can be surprised how many Yast "bugs" is caused by
problems in underlaying layers. Yast start bunch of various scripts,
try to manage services in systemd and a lot of similar things. So if
systemd is broken or even if they incompatible change behavior Yast
start failing without any changes in Yast code.
And in fact it is often source of broken Yast code, that noone told us
that something change in system and we do not adapt Yast code to this

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