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[opensuse-factory] Re: Your thoughts on dropping pm-utils
On Thu, 28 Nov 2013 15:55, Cristian Rodríguez <crrodriguez@...> wrote:
El 28/11/13 06:59, Guido Berhoerster escribió:
e.g. does systemd do the checks in s2disk-check?

No, systemd does suspend/hibernate only using the interfaces the linux
kernel provides.

Let's have a look beyond our soup-dish:
- Redhat / Fedora are (mostly) in the same situation, it would be good
to do some checking / asking how they handle this.
- Debian (AFAIK) do stil stay on SysVinit -- how do they handle
suspend / hibernate?
- Ubuntu: Debian + Upstart -- no knowledge on my side.
- Arch: BYOS, but in the end: same point.

IMHO inter-distro dialog is needed to get a long-term solution,
that does not re-invent the wheel a dozen times.

Will it properly restart the networking for interfaces not
managed by NM, will other networking services be stopped and
restarted properly,

No idea if the if-up scripts can or should react to system resume.

For me NM is a no-go, thus I need the 'classic way' (if-up/-down)

A down/up or unplug/plug or reconnect cycle is needed in most
environments and situations (dhcp, changed location, etc).

"Static Address" is a dwindeling number, and in some cases (hw)
wireless even needs a full hw/driver re-init.

No easy situation to detect.

IMO restart the networking (fully) is the easiest way, or
stop network before suspend/hibernate and start after wakeup/thaw.
- both ways work-for-me.

- Yamaban.
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