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Re: [opensuse-factory] Your thoughts on dropping pm-utils

* Vojtěch Dziewięcki <vdziewiecki@xxxxxxx> [2013-11-27 17:25]:
I maintain pm-utils, and I want to drop them soon, because systemd can
handle (sort of) suspend and hibernation and also becouse their
upstream is dead and I'm not able to (and don't want to) fix all the
bugs all by myself.

that's a reasonable position.

There is some information and an initial discussion on the topic here:

The current state is that pm-utils are sort of "plugged in" to systemd
and are called from systemd to perform suspend and hibernate, if they
are installed. Doesn't work too well.

So I'm interested in other people's opinions on how this should be
done and in particular what hooks you would like to see rewritten as
systemd units, since I can usually do that.

IMO the most important hook is 99Zgrub that prevents to boot another
OS if we have hibernated, I've already rewritten that one, if someone
wants to look at it or test it (just put it in
/usr/lib/systemd/system-sleep, hibernate without pm-utils and see if
the grub menu appears when you turn the computer on - it shouldn't) ,
here's the link:
I just modified it at the end, so it works as a systemd unit, but all
the functions are the same as in 99ZGrub from pm-utils.

I also think it would be nice to have a "transitional period", when
pm-utils won't be used as default, but if someone would be unhappy
with using systemd for suspending, pm-utils could be installed.

So please share your thoughts on this.

I also realize there are people who would like to keep pm-utils, but
unfortunately I'm not able to fix those bugs any more, so if someone
wants to disagree with dropping pm-utils, that person would have to
become the maintainer and fix all the bugs (or find someone else to do
it), because I can't and don't want to, thanks for understanding.

I don't think the problem is not so much the emotional attachment
people have to pm-utils (at least I hope so ;) but the potential
of severe regressions with suspend/hibernate. The hardware quirks
db probably doesn't matter that much any more since it is
outdated by now.
But what about the other non-quirk hooks apart from grub in
/usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/, have you evaluated which ones are
still needed, e.g. does systemd do the checks in s2disk-check?
Will it properly restart the networking for interfaces not
managed by NM, will other networking services be stopped and
restarted properly, will it save/restore the hardware clock etc.?
Much of that seems still applicable unless systemd has
In addtition there are third-party packages delivering hooks to
pm-utils such as storage-fixup which I rely on to prevent my HDD
to commit suicide and there may be consumers with undeclared
dependencies making use of the tools delivered by pm-utils (e.g
making decisions based on /usr/bin/on_ac_power). So before
removing it please grep over an extracted factory tree for the
use of
Guido Berhoerster
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