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[opensuse-factory] Re: 13.1 GM
No, I its my own development. And its very recent.

The classic initial seed (super seed) algorithm is geared towards usage as
the sole seeder of the torrent.
This algorithm permits continuously seeding in this mode, be it sole seeder,
or hundreds of other seeders
The mods are:
1 - This mode never ends (must manually change to normal seeding)
2 - All seeders are disconnected
3 - Whenever a next chunk needs to be offered, look for the next 999 chunks,
for the least available chunk (don't need to keep a map of already offered
chunks anymore)

The lastest changes were done less than 24hrs ago, I'm making sure rtorrent
stays stable, before offering this mod to the world. A large swarm like
OpenSuSE 13.1 DVD x86_64 makes for a very tough test, and it seems fine.

The rationale is:
1 - Initial seed shows itself to other leecher as a leecher, so I can choose
what chunks to offer (nothing new)
2 - By continuously offering rare chunks instead of whatever the leecher
wants, we can make for a far more healthy swarm (10 distributed copies along
200 leechers + 10 seeders should be far more effective than 50 seeders and
no distributed copies), consider that 10 distributed copies along 200
leechers probably means 90% of the chunks have 50 sources to download from
3 - This is the best means to force leechers to download from leechers,
minimizing the effects of hit and run leechers and reverse tit for tat
(leechers that purposedly upload only a fraction of what they download),
this is far more important on wild west torrents (where there's a
preponderance of hit and run/reverse tit for tat behavior), but it helps

OpenSuSE 13.1 has already passed the bump (it's extremely well seeded
already), so I'd like to see the effects of this on the next time.

One extra technique I would add would be to have regional seeders (that only
accept connections from the same continent, like 1-Americas,
2-Europe+Africa, 3-Oceania+West Asia, 4-Middle East, with possible country
specific seeders, on countries with strong peering mechanics like my
Brazil), this is something that regular mirrors can't avoid (people
downloading from far away mirrors), the dynamic nature of torrent allows for
this, since you don't need to officially list seeders for leechers to choose

With both techniques, I see no technical need to offer http/ftp mirrors,
those might only have a valid marketing reason to be made available.

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