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Re: [opensuse-factory] YaST Software Management exits after package installation
On Fri, 15 Nov 2013 17:38:13 +0100
Ladislav Slezak <lslezak@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Add a combo box with values like "Show this summary", "Start again",

There is "Configuration" menu item at the top of YaST Software
Management (YSM) window which is item that should be used to open
configuration window which will hold all configuration options. In other
words instead of patching just this particular issue we are better off
to take slower approach and rework GUI to fit user expectations that
were created with other GUI applications.

There is even more then menu items, for instance, buttons in YaST
Software Management and summary screen need help too.

YaST Software Management:
"Cancel" "Accept"
should be
"Cancel" "Installation"

While "Cancel" is clear what it means and it does what user expects,
"Accept" is actually wrong.

"Accept" implies that installation proposal will be checked and then
YSM will ask for final confirmation, similar to one used during
openSUSE installation. That confirmation dialog does not exist for a
long time, if it ever existed. In other words actual action is
installation and button should tell that.

to help confusion, after "Accept" comes "Installation Summary" that can
be taken as proposal, not as report about performed installation, and
users may consider that "Back" button will allow changes.

Summary screen:
"Abort" "Back" "Finish"
should be
"Abort" "Install more" "Finish"
"Abort" "Install More" "Done"

"Back" is used to go back on screens that succeed one after another in
order to change previous screen(s) with final goal to have different
outcome of setup, or installation. That is how "Back" button is working
during installation.

On "Installation Summary" screen, going back will not present you with
screen that will allow to undo last changes, but with empty YSM screen,
which one would expect after pressing button with a name "Install


In both of above cases there is no problem with old documentation that
is using "Accept" and "Back" as new proposed names don't need further

Regards, Rajko.
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