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Re: [opensuse-factory] 13.1 GM
On Sunday 17 November 2013 17.59:00 cagsm wrote:
uhm, thats why they invented torrents like ages ago. releasing the
stuff to masses early potentially gives a hole lot of more and better
early "final" testing in case there is mess with the release. I also
dislike that often opensuse had too many trouble on the final
goldmaster bits especially for install and upgrade scenarios and this
never gets addressed the whole userbase has to wait for the n+1
release of opensuse and pray for salvation that that release wont give
them the trouble the n-release is giving them. debian and others do
re-releases of their stuff over the maintenance period where
especially bugs and their fixes in the installers, bootloaders and
other essential stuff would help the userbase to have a more pleasant
opensuse experience.

Just answers to fud.

We have a way to do release, perhaps not the better one, but tests help us
between the whole factory cycle
and especially from beta to RC2.

Trying to be good neighbors with people than maintain openSUSE's mirrors is
just a question of acting like responsible people.

You're talking about torrent, are you able to sustain the quantity of data
spread around during launch time. I guess you have no ideas about the numbers.
Did you also know, that the project is looking for early seeders, to help the
mass on release date. We're looking for smart ass that will be able to pre get
& share the torrent. Are you in ?
Now you're already send them to the mass, I just hope that enough people will
play their role of seeder, and keep the connection and share open for one month.

You're describing a feeling, (the dislike stuff) but have you facts, that could
help the different teams, and the project in global to act (react) better ?
If not, or if you don't want to do somethings, you're just wasting characters.
It's always a bit more complicated to act than to judge or emit ideas & feeling.

About the re-release : That's why you could add *-update repositories during
install and thus get the update in one pass.
No need to wait like others distributions their re-released stuff.
This is documented in proper docs.
Also most of the time, Live cd are released, with *updates on them. Allowing to
do what you describe.
Now I would say, that nobody will forbid you to do the job of a release, but
for sure there's some rules to follow.


Bruno Friedmann
Ioda-Net Sàrl

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