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Re: [opensuse-factory] YaST Software Management exits after package installation
Dne 6.11.2013 09:42, Lukas Ocilka napsal(a):
Adding Ladislav to tell us more, hopefully he still remembers.

This is actually a never ending story.

In a galaxy far far away... Yast simply finished at the end.

Then the package manager implementation was changed and libzypp was
introduced. But the first versions were pretty slow so people complained
that starting the module again takes a lot of time.

So we added a popup saying "done" and then the module was restarted.
Ok, good.

Later, after libzypp was improved and got much faster, people complained
that going back was not necessary and who needed to install more packages
should have started Yast again. More over the popup was intrusive for some

So we removed the popup and finished the module. Like at the very beginning.

But then some people complaied that their loved popup is missing and should be
added back...

At this point I got fed up and introduced the PKGMGR_ACTION_AT_EXIT
sysconfig value so everybody could set the preferred value.
To keep the backward compatibilty I decided to use the "close" default.

But then people didn't like the default... yeah...

I'd love to solve it once and for all.

The current obstacle seems to be in changing the sysconfig value.

So my proposal is:

- Use "summary" value by default in the syscofig option.

- Add a combo box with values like "Show this summary", "Start again", "Finish"
to the summary dialog. This would change the sysconfig value accordingly.

That would allow to easily change the default for people who don't like it
and the summary default should be acceptable for majority of the users.

What do you think about it? Any ideas, better solutions?


Ladislav Slez√°k
Appliance department / YaST Developer
Lihovarsk√° 1060/12
190 00 Prague 9 / Czech Republic
tel: +420 284 028 960
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