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Re: [opensuse-factory] Let's keep acroread for pure reasons of usability.
* Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [2013-11-07 14:31]:
I think we ought to keep acroread in the distro simply because it's
about usability. The current suggestions:

a) download it from adobe yourself
b) use something else

are not good enough. If (a) was a real solution, why are we building
building a distro at all. (b) is not a solution because there is no
100% replacement for acroread.

By removing acroread, we are sacrificing critical usability because of a
rule about unmaintained software. I suggest we reconsider and wait
until the alternatives have caught up. Once we have a mature
plug-compatible alternative, we can remove acroread.

It's not only unmaintained but unmaintained closed-source
software which means at the point in time it becomes unmaintained
upstream it turns into a time bomb. The next time security
vulnerabilities are discovered in the Acrobat Reader on other
platforms Adobe will not evaluate it on Linux, issue a
notification and update to fix the issue and nobody else will be
able to either. OTOH potential attackers will take notice if we
ship an unmaintained and vulnerable version and happily exploit
that. And this is harmful and a disservice to our users and the
distro, wheN using openSUSE users should be confident that we are
making our best effort to keep them safe.

And I agree that poppler sucks, rendering of scaled bitmaps is
horrible, form and js support aren't up to par, there is no
signature verification etc. Unfortunately it seems to be "good
enough" for most people, so without competition or a potent
sponsor we'll likely be stuck with a mediocre solution.
mupdf has some improvements but unfortunately brings its own
share of problems (e.g. license, no dynamic linking, lack of real
Guido Berhoerster
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