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Hi List,

be informed that there is new, which tries to
make an overview of M17N:fonts.

Main features:
(1) list of all font families residing in M17N:fonts,
(2) several specimens for each font to illustrate its look when used
by most covered scripts by that font,
(3) rendering algorithm information plus png and svg specimen for each
script and font, which can be used for debuging fontconfig setup,
(4) software package information for each font including posibility
to one-click-install,
(5) index fonts by supported languages,
(6) index fonts by supported scripts,
(7) index families by font format.

fontinfo is not done. For example, png specimens are created purely
by freetype, which excludes OpenType support[*]. Also specimen
sentences for some scripts might not be absolutely correct for some
scripts (report!). Other suggestions and issue reports are welcome,
as always.


[*] That can be nicely seen for e. g. adinatha-fonts (Adinatha Tamil
Brahmi font family) when switching between png and svg specimen. This
is my TODO #1.

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