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Re: [opensuse-factory] Automount with LDAP maps
В Wed, 6 Nov 2013 19:54:55 +0400
Andrey Borzenkov <arvidjaar@xxxxxxxxx> пишет:

В Wed, 06 Nov 2013 09:25:20 +0000
"Malcolm Moore" <st-malcolm.moore@xxxxxxxxx> пишет:

2013-11-06T10:12:39.154007+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]:
lookup_nss_read_map: reading map ldap,ou=autofs,dc=whsg,dc=info
2013-11-06T10:12:39.154225+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]:
parse_server_string: lookup(ldap): Attempting to parse LDAP information
from string
2013-11-06T10:12:39.154436+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]:
parse_server_string: lookup(ldap): invalid LDAP map syntax,ou=autofs,dc=whsg,dc=info

Even on 12.3 this is marked as obsolete. May be autofs in 13.1 dropped
support completely. Try

Hmm ... it sounds like it is fixed with this commit

commit 02ffcfbbf15abd58489d7840f71f91b825307abc
Author: Ian Kent <raven@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri Jun 28 13:22:06 2013 +0800

autofs-5.0.7 - fix add null check in parse_server_string()

In a recent patch that added an error check for the case there's no ':' serv
name delimiter parse_server_string() braces were not added which lead to an
incorrect parse error.

Could you open bug report?
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