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Re: [opensuse-factory] Automount with LDAP maps
I set the logging on a machine that works ( 12.3 ) and on one that
doesn't ( 13.1 RC2 ) to debug and the auto mounter progresses thus

2013-11-06T09:02:32.085424+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]:
automount_path_to_fifo: fifo name /run/autofs.fifo-home
2013-11-06T09:02:32.085564+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]:
lookup_nss_read_map: reading map ldap,ou=autofs,dc=whsg,dc=info
2013-11-06T09:02:32.086731+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]:
parse_server_string: lookup(ldap): Attempting to parse LDAP information from
string ",ou=autofs,dc=whsg,dc=info".
2013-11-06T09:02:32.086904+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]:
parse_server_string: lookup(ldap): server "ldap://";, base dn
2013-11-06T09:02:32.087042+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]:
parse_ldap_config: lookup(ldap): ldap authentication configured with the
following options:
2013-11-06T09:02:32.087242+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]:
parse_ldap_config: lookup(ldap): use_tls: 0, tls_required: 0, auth_required: 1,
sasl_mech: (null)
2013-11-06T09:02:32.087489+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]:
parse_ldap_config: lookup(ldap): user: (null), secret: unspecified, client
principal: (null) credential cache: (null)
2013-11-06T09:02:32.088274+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]: parse_init:
parse(sun): init gathered global options: (null)
2013-11-06T09:02:32.088282+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]: spawn_mount: mtab
link detected, passing -n to mount
2013-11-06T09:02:32.089888+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]: spawn_umount:
mtab link detected, passing -n to mount
2013-11-06T09:02:32.091255+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]: do_bind:
lookup(ldap): auth_required: 1, sasl_mech (null)
2013-11-06T09:02:32.092115+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]: do_bind:
lookup(ldap): ldap simple bind returned 0
2013-11-06T09:02:32.092463+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]: get_query_dn:
lookup(ldap): found query dn nisMapName=auto.home,ou=autofs,dc=whsg,dc=info
2013-11-06T09:02:32.092662+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]: read_one_map:
lookup(ldap): searching for "(objectclass=nisObject)" under
2013-11-06T09:02:32.110106+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]: do_get_entries:
lookup(ldap): examining entries
2013-11-06T09:02:32.110356+00:00 itsupport01 automount[2309]:
validate_string_len: lookup(ldap): string st-malcolm.moore encoded as

13.1 RC2
2013-11-06T10:12:39.150802+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]:
automount_path_to_fifo: fifo name /run/autofs.fifo-home
2013-11-06T10:12:39.154007+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]:
lookup_nss_read_map: reading map ldap,ou=autofs,dc=whsg,dc=info
2013-11-06T10:12:39.154225+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]:
parse_server_string: lookup(ldap): Attempting to parse LDAP information from
string ",ou=autofs,dc=whsg,dc=info".
2013-11-06T10:12:39.154436+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]:
parse_server_string: lookup(ldap): invalid LDAP map syntax,ou=autofs,dc=whsg,dc=info
2013-11-06T10:12:39.154643+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]: lookup_init:
lookup(ldap): cannot parse server string
2013-11-06T10:12:39.155837+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]: do_read_map:
lookup module ldap failed
2013-11-06T10:12:39.156170+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]:
mount_autofs_indirect: failed to read map for /home
2013-11-06T10:12:39.156654+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]: handle_mounts:
mount of /home failed!
2013-11-06T10:12:39.157187+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]: master_do_mount:
failed to startup mount
2013-11-06T10:12:39.157740+00:00 linux-ate8 automount[2955]: no mounts in table
2013-11-06T10:12:39.158590+00:00 linux-ate8 systemd[1]: Started Automounts
filesystems on demand.

Any help to anypne ??


From: lynn [mailto:lynn@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
To: opensuse-factory@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tue, 05 Nov 2013 22:01:19 +0000
Subject: Re: [opensuse-factory] Automount with LDAP maps

On Tue, 2013-11-05 at 19:59 +0000, Malcolm Moore wrote:
The bit that puzzles me is the error
If you look at the attachment, where has the
first 'c' gone from the ldap servers name
it should be


Can you tell us how you are extracting the info from ldap? The .conf
file for whatever it is? Maybe that would give us more of a clue. Escape
the c in the config file perhaps? Quote the uri? Does host resolve
correctly from DNS? Use ldap:// maybe. Dunno. Loadsa
stuff to try. Anything to narrow to narrow us down a little.
L x

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