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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Requesting people to test RC1 of RC2 or whatever
Am 04.11.2013 21:50, schrieb Larry Finger:
If people use NetworkManager, the new names are a problem in only one
case that I know about. If the wireless driver fails to register as a
wireless device, the new naming system knows they are network devices,
concludes that they are ethernet types, and gives them a name of en....
rather than wl... When this happens, NM will not connect to the device.

really? I don't think this is related to the name, the driver is
probably just broken? Or did it start to work once you fixed the udev
rule to name it "wlan0"?

I always since years have named my interfaces "cable" and "air" (in
order to find buggy software that relies on "ethX" or "wlanX") and have
not had a problem with networkmanager and such because of this.

I found bugs in other software, though :-)
Stefan Seyfried
"If your lighter runs out of fluid or flint and stops making
fire, and you can't be bothered to figure out about lighter
fluid or flint, that is not Zippo's fault." -- bkw
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