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Re: [opensuse-factory] journalctl very slow

On Saturday 2013-11-02 22:36, Stefan Seyfried wrote:

My work machine has now gotten a SSD due to the "systemctl status
foo.service" taking ages (and "git status" in kernel trees, too)

For my wife's old machine, I recently bought an IDE-SSD to get it to
boot in an acceptabe time frame with current 13.1. That's of course not
only systemd's fault, the whole userspace stuff is getting much fatter
all the time.

Yeah, let's go back to the DOS times, where there was just 60 or so
programs in C:\DOS (something like /bin). Tab completion would
complete in a blink — man, where have we developed toward.

Well, with SYSV scripts going away thanks to systemd, you save the
overhead of interpreting (repetitive) sh code. So now, your boot
phase should be more IO-bound, and SSD is a good investment in that
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