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[opensuse-factory] samba woes with apparmor
13.1 rc2 domain client with 13.1 rc2 file server
We cannot connect to the smbd file server unless apparmor is disabled.
here is a user logging in and requesting his home directory on the
1. With apprpmor enabled on the file server:

:00 altet kernel: [ 197.753781] FS-Cache: Netfs 'c
ifs' registered for caching
2013-11-01T09:44:04.729844+01:00 altet kernel: [ 197.753872] Key type
go registered
2013-11-01T09:44:04.729861+01:00 altet kernel: [ 197.753917] Key type
p registered
2013-11-01T09:44:10.981390+01:00 altet kernel: [ 204.006781] CIFS VFS:
Error co
nnecting to socket. Aborting operation.
2013-11-01T09:44:10.988813+01:00 altet kerne

2. With apparmor disabled on the fle server:

2013-11-01T10:01:13.830490+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: key description:
2013-11-01T10:01:13.833652+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: ver=2
2013-11-01T10:01:13.843315+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: host=altea
2013-11-01T10:01:13.850828+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: ip=
2013-11-01T10:01:13.852993+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: sec=1
2013-11-01T10:01:13.856451+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: uid=3000022
2013-11-01T10:01:13.859580+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: creduid=3000022
2013-11-01T10:01:13.861792+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: pid=1198
2013-11-01T10:01:13.863942+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: find_krb5_cc:
considering /tmp/krb5cc_3000022_7DxCVc
2013-11-01T10:01:13.871110+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: find_krb5_cc:
FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_3000022_7DxCVc is valid ccache
2013-11-01T10:01:13.875609+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: find_krb5_cc:
considering /tmp/krb5cc_3000021_dOfJgo
2013-11-01T10:01:13.876966+01:00 altet cifs.upcall:
find_krb5_cc: /tmp/krb5cc_30/var/log/messages lines 1413-1427/1489 96%
is owned by 0, not 3000022
2013-11-01T10:01:13.881795+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: handle_krb5_mech:
getting service ticket for altea
2013-11-01T10:01:13.883698+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: handle_krb5_mech:
obtained service ticket
2013-11-01T10:01:13.885387+01:00 altet cifs.upcall: Exit status 0
2013-11-01T10:01:14.172911+01:00 altet systemd[1198]: Stopped target
Sound Card.
2013-11-01T10:01:14.181817+01:00 altet systemd[1198]: Starting Default.
2013-11-01T10:01:14.196334+01:00 altet systemd[1198]: Reached target
2013-11-01T10:01:14.204224+01:00 altet systemd[1198]: Startup finished
in 491ms.
2013-11-01T10:01:14.216885+01:00 altet systemd[1]: Started User Manager
for 3000022.

With apparmor, cifs cannot get through. No firewall is running on the
file server.
Any ideas anyone? Do we need apparmor on an internal network anyway?
L x

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