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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-kernel] BtrFS as default fs?
Hi Matthias,

Besides Scalability there are other attributes where
btrfs exceeds other filesystems.

Regarding the scalability part, lets not compare something from 3
years ago, lets compare the 13.1 kernel, kernel 3.11.0. Ext4 has had
pretty nice improvements in 3.11 regarding scalability, see for

You might or not like this benchmark, but the headline is pretty
clear: "EXT4 wins".

Also, did btrfs fix the backlink issue? that seems to be a major
scalability burden actually.
And just to compare the _scalability_ we're talking about. the corner cases are:

BTRFS supports filesytems up to 16384 Petabytes. Ext4 has a slight
disadvantage here, only spporting filesystems up to 1024 Petabytes.
While that sounds like a serios scalability issue for SLE, it is less
of a concern for the typical openSUSE case.

Other scalability marks are not that interesting. But if we care about
scalability and SSD support, F2FS might be interesting to look at as

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