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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-kernel] BtrFS as default fs?
Hello Dirk and all,

On 2013-09-06 T 09:51 +0200 Dirk Müller wrote:

[...] what would be the personal reason for _me_ to
switch or for the intended target group of openSUSE in
general? [...] What are the alternatives to btrfs? How
does it meet the majority of requirements better than
the current default choice?

Besides Scalability there are other attributes where
btrfs exceeds other filesystems. See various comparison
tables out there, including the one in my blog from
three years ago (yes, it's a bit dated):

Yet, there is this _one_ point, which made me switch to
btrfs for "/" since Februar 2011:

Peace of mind on adminstrative tasks (package updates
and installations, configuration changes, ...) based on
the snapshots / rollback capability.

That's where I personally like btrfs for and where I see
unique capabilities.

And I changed my /home to btrfs last year for the same
reason -- on my company and private systems. I even did
some development in this area during last hack week:
But that might be off topic ...

It seems quite obvious to me that the default choice
should be depending on what is suitable for the
majority of use cases and provides the needed

I can't complain about btrfs' stability.

It has been some time already available in Factory (and
older openSUSE) releases. Do we know how big (the
percentagewise) the happy btrfs userbase is? How do we
avoid risking switching the default to something that
only X% of the user base is happy with (with X being in
the 5-20% area) ?

Well. Isn't this chicken-egg question the challenge for
every new technology?

Do we want to stop innovation based on that challenge?

Happy -

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