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[opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-kernel] BtrFS as default fs?
Hi Jeff,

Last month I posted queries to this list (and several other locations,
including the forums) asking about people's experiences with btrfs. For
the most part it seemed like the experience had improved over time. Most
of the concerns were either with interactions with zypper or old
perceptions of instability that were based more on old impressions than
new testing. With the exception of an ENOSPC issue that had been
recently fixed, users actively using the file system seemed pretty
satisfied with it.

I wonder a bit how that is different to the current default, ext4. As
a convinced user of ext4, what would be the personal reason for _me_
to switch or for the intended target group of openSUSE in general?
What did the current default of openSUSE do wrong in order to
reconsider the default choice? What are the alternatives to btrfs? How
does it meet the majority of requirements better than the current
default choice?

It seems quite obvious to me that the default choice should be
depending on what is suitable for the majority of use cases and
provides the needed stability. My personal experience with btrfs and
with responsitivity to bug reports was mediocre at best, but my last
contact with it was ~ April this year, a lot of things might have
improved since then.

So, I'd like to propose that we use btrfs as the default file system for
the 13.1 release before we release the first beta.

It has been some time already available in Factory (and older
openSUSE) releases. Do we know how big (the percentagewise) the happy
btrfs userbase is? How do we avoid risking switching the default to
something that only X% of the user base is happy with (with X being in
the 5-20% area) ?

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