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[opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-kernel] BtrFS as default fs?
El 03/09/13 11:53, Jeff Mahoney escribió:

As I said then, the point isn't to take away functionality from anyone.
If we have the ability to enable it in YaST (with a warning)
or do it
automatically (with a warning) if the features are already enabled on an
older file system, nobody's lost anything. The point is that it will
prevent users from losing their file systems using a feature set that
hasn't been well tested.

It's great that you want to try features out that we don't consider safe
yet. That's how we get bug reports that we can use to improve and
further gauge the quality of a particular feature set. I just don't
think that /all/ openSUSE users want to have that particular experience
without knowing what's up beforehand.

Jeff, I do not object to the idea of warning people that certain
features are unstable or dangerous a log message: "btrfs warning: FOOBAR
is unstable".. will suffice in achiving this result. what I do strongly
object is this pervasive tendency to add SUSE specific flags that are
not documented anywhere else other than probably a wiki page or the
openSUSE documentation, has distribution specific semantics,is not in
upstream plus will cause confusion and increase the load of volunteers
that answer questions in mailing list and the forums.

This makes sense for SLE where you only want to support things known to
be production quality and therefore reducing the number of support
incidents. in the openSUSE land will only cause confusion (pretty much
like the "unsupported module flag")

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