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[opensuse-factory] Re: remote logins have strange keyboard setting... mostly latin, but not sure what? after fact update
Cristian Rodríguez wrote:
El 02/06/13 16:04, Jan Engelhardt escribió:
Every sane system would likely use Unix98 ptys aka /dev/pts/N.
(Not that I think it makes a difference with regard to the "Latin
issue", but it's always funny to see how you disconfigure your system in
various ways.)

(what was even more funny is that it really was the cause for the Latin
issue; I think the older style terms weren't being initialized properly,
since in every case, typing 'reset' on the terminal to reset the tty state
set them back to normal.

I wonder how she ended there... systemd will mount /dev/pts is a fatal error if systemd cannot mount it for whatever reason...
I don't think systemd ever made it up...I had brought
up the computer from 'S' by hand...not the first time since the systemd

another good question is why the kernel still has CONFIG_LEGACY_PTYS=y when nothing should be using that ever..
I never took it out? Unless something is deprecated, or I know
all the things that use it, I tend to leave legacy alone -- it tends
to cause less problems and tends to provide more stability.

Anyway, I assure you I didn't delete the pts directory --
can't say for sure, but I thought the basic linux devtmpfs, had it
precreated on boot(?).

I also seem to be missing my alt-console tty's can't ALT-TAB to other
Wouldn't have bothered to mention that except it seems in this case, I'm not
the only one with that problem.

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