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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Re: Re: What is the recommended procedure for suspending ?
  • From: Guido Berhoerster <gber@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 00:10:35 +0200
  • Message-id: <20130609221035.GM2020@hal.local.invalid>
* Cristian Rodríguez <crrodriguez@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [2013-06-09 23:21]:
El 09/06/13 17:09, Carlos E. R. escribió:
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On 2013-06-09 23:05, Cristian Rodríguez wrote:
El dom 09 jun 2013 16:59:12 CLT, Yamaban escribió:

But ONLY if the machine does not need anything NOT supported by
the kernel, the moment your machine needs any help beyond kernel
internal, your claim is false.

If there are problems with hardware, it is the kernel that has to
be modified/fixed.

And that may take months or years. Meanwhile, use pm-utils tricks ;-)

This is something you have to complain to kernel developers then.

No, right, but systemd uses only the kernel, and it contains no
hackable parts like pm-utils... so that's a systemd problem :-p

Exactly as intented, to avoid complexity and people trying to fix
kernel issues in userspace, effectively swapping problems under the

In this particular case, pretty much everything you see as a
limitation was intentionally made that way by design.

We all know that fixes at the kernel level do not happen
instantaneously and in case of obscure enough hardware they may
not at all. Meanwhile users are caught in the middle and have to
deal with broken functionality.
This attitude of intentionally screwing over end-users seems to
be pervasive among systemd developers who act as if they're still
a bunch of teenagers working on their hobby project out of their
Mom's basement. This attitude is not only unprofessional but
damaging our product and diametrically opposed to the purpose of
openSUSE, namely creating a stable and working Linux distribution
for our users.
Guido Berhoerster
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