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[opensuse-factory] New Package: videolan's VLC
Hi List,

One of the goals for openSUSE 13.1 is to drop the old gstreamer version 0.10.
At this moment this would cause quite some issues for KDE as that the phonon-
backend for gstreamer only works with this older version. Attempts are
currently on the way to port this phonon backend to gstreamer 1.0, but we seem
to be still far away from a working version.

In order to make sure that KDE is more independent from Gstreamer, I would
like to start working on the preparation for the second phonon backend, which
is based on VLC.

I am aware that VLC comes with all kind of bad plugins to support the bad bad
codecs, but it seems that we are able to build VLC with only support for the
opensource codecs. This would enable us to build a similar package as with
Xine, where the bare necessity was build on OBS and the full package could be
downloaded from packman.

For VLC this would be the same, however users would have a choice of
downloading it from Packman or to install it from the videolan repo
(maintained by DimStar).

Based on the the legal acceptance of the ffmpeg sources in Chromium, I believe
we can make this happen. VLC in Factory would also mean that we could build
more packages that depends on the VLC library.

I see the following steps to be done:

1) Decide on the best location for the VLC package (multimedia:libs) ?
2) Submit the VLC package to Factory for legal review.
3) Adjust the VLC package in such a way that it can be used directly on
packman (building the same source, etc)
4) Check with Dominique if we could achieve the same for the videolan

Steps 3 and 4 should enable us to have only one location where to maintain the
package and have it build in two or three places.

I would appreciate if people could let me know what the best place for this
package would be.




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