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[opensuse-factory] Re: Very slow loading of kernel/initrd with os12.3
Basil Chupin wrote:
On 06/03/13 17:52, Linda Walsh wrote:
so the game a whack-a-mole continues...

It really doesn't have to be all one way...

On my installation 12.3 RC2 boots VERY quickly and, after I type in my
password, I get to the desktop screen within seconds.

BUT, but, it takes *forever* (?15 seconds) to get the Mixer, knemo,
clipboard tool, and the HPLIP Status Service widgets to appear on the
taskbar; the rest of the taskbar is populated as soon as the desktop
appears following typing in the password.
I don't run a desktop on mine, so that save time on my end.
But I do run named, ntp, sendmail, samba, (it serves as a domain
controller -- well, not so well these days, but still does
the file serving), spamassassin takes a while to start
6 of the boot seconds is the fsck and mount of 30TB+ of storage,
but when it works right winbind provides single-signon for my
server and my windows workstations which are served by this
machine (and have their roaming profiles on it), also starts
up imap with full indexing that doesn't take 90% of the cpu
(Tbird's indexing is notoriously bad after 2.x) socks and squid
proxies, minidlna media server, webserver....

Normally uptime is 24/7 with only 1 unscheduled downtime in the
past year (I hosed my glibc...had to restore from backup --
does daily backups, and daily snapshots for the windows clients
so they see "previous versions" of files in their samba home dirs.

(a near 2000 line perl script).... The fact that it only takes 15
seconds I find amazing. When I had a laptop it came up faster
and booted to a desktop. Windows XP was about 10-15
seconds and that was 10 years ago.

My cpu's are only 2.4GHz, slow by some standards...I know if I
got all the kinks out it would come up faster, but it's level of
performance is satisfactory for as often as I boot it.

kmixer and such wouldn't even work on my server -- no sound and
no graphics...(1024x768)... different tasks...

for a desktop, your setup is great, but wouldn't work for me.

This is just a guess -- but a strong reason why I DON'T want an
initrd -- and it would slow me down -- is that it does a bunch of things
for desktop systems, that my current boot skips -- because it's setting
up as a server.

But that's just a guess....
That's been the nice thing about Suse over the years -- has had something
for everyone. I don't want to see that go...

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