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[opensuse-factory] Re: Very slow loading of kernel/initrd with os12.3
Joschi Brauchle wrote:

Hm, well then I guess there is nothing to be done about this delay?
Is grub2 any faster than grub loading the initrd?

Using lilo and booting from disk avoids initrd all together.
My kernel finishes mounting the file systems and going to
the rc3 scripts in ...
[ 9.898467] bio: create slab <bio-1> at 1
[ 10.320156] bio: create slab <bio-2> at 2
[ 12.848010] XFS (sdc2): Mounting Filesystem
[ 12.931568] XFS (sdc2): Ending clean mount
[ 12.943116] XFS (sdc3): Mounting Filesystem
[ 13.010923] XFS (sdc3): Ending clean mount
[ 13.023323] XFS (dm-3): Mounting Filesystem
[ 13.255004] XFS (dm-3): Ending clean mount
[ 13.274569] XFS (dm-8): Mounting Filesystem
[ 13.479838] XFS (dm-8): Ending clean mount
[ 13.485791] XFS (dm-9): Mounting Filesystem
[ 13.672531] XFS (dm-9): Ending clean mount
[ 13.736404] XFS (dm-0): Mounting Filesystem
[ 13.987004] XFS (dm-0): Ending clean mount
[ 14.005284] XFS (dm-7): Mounting Filesystem
[ 14.164613] XFS (dm-7): Ending clean mount
[ 14.170473] XFS (dm-1): Mounting Filesystem
[ 14.337261] XFS (dm-1): Ending clean mount
[ 14.365884] XFS (dm-6): Mounting Filesystem
[ 14.534075] XFS (dm-6): Ending clean mount
booting with all file systems mounted
in 14.53 seconds...

But that is systemVinit script based and booting with no initrd.
The kernel I need to boot with is 12.1.

It's really too bad that openSuse developers claim users have
no interest in booting directly from the harddisk w/o initrd....
Unix vendors had the option to compile a kernel for direct
boot about 20 years ago -- it took a while to regen the needed files, but
you didn't do it every days, a kernel gen takes a few minutes.

AFter initial boot, about 15 seconds later
I have login via console or net.

Of that 15, about 7-8 seconds is cifs timing out because my workstations
no longer mount after the switch to smb2 -- which I still haven't figured

so the game a whack-a-mole continues...

It really doesn't have to be all one way...

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