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[opensuse-factory] Re: why are raw scripts forced into /bin/sh instead of user's shell (a Suse patch to bash)
Dr. Werner Fink wrote:

that is that after the siglongjmp() the bash had showed memory corruption.
This seems to be fixed in bash 4.2 ... nevertheless it could come back
again as memory management together with setjmp()/longjmp() or
sigsetjmp()/siglongjmp() has to managed thorough to not run into the
same problems as in the bugs above.

This is the only reason why this patch is still alive.

So you are saying that outdated patches that are not solving any
current problem should be kept in the code because they might solve some
future problem?

Do you know how many problems there have been in linux SW? Why would
you not carry around patches for all previous problems on the same reasoning:
that they might reoccur?

Sounds a bit like the specious reasoning SuSE disables parallel CPU usage
in sort when that is the default -- early algorithms had problems, that are
no longer there, but SuSE's disabling of parallel sort is still in there by

How many patches are in suse code for things that are no longer valid?
Isn't that more likely to create new problems as that list grows?

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