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[opensuse-factory] Re: opensuse 12.3 RC | starting LSB... and freeze
On Fri, 1 Mar 2013 15:17, Patrick Shanahan <paka@...> wrote:
* Luis González <lgonzalezsa@xxxxxxxxx> [03-01-13 09:11]:
I'm installing the opensuse 12.3 RC and I noticed an issue before the
installation finished, and after reviewed several times I realized the
error (laptop freeze completely) occurred when starting LSB.
/var/log/messages not shown relevant info
boot.log said Failed to start Network Manager, and of course I do no
have network devices.
When a launch yast and go to Network Devices, the error occurred again
detecting devices...
systemctl status NetworkManager.service said Active: failed status = 1/FAILURE

aiui, NetworkManager wants to control your networking and visibly
complains when it is not in control, but if not using NetworkManager the
comalaint is not harmful and rather meaningless.

I have never been able to get NetworkManager to work on openSUSE on any
device and have satisfied myself using ifup/ifdown/... Watching the boot
messages, I always see notice that NetworkManager has failed but I have no
networking problems even with wifi.

It looks like "NetworkManager" is more like "NetworkFail".
Still, and AGAIN (see prior releases).

For Goldmaster: would it be possible to EXclude the "NetworkManager" from
the 'Minimal' Pattern? (and from the fast-install-images?)

Anybody who realy WANTS to use NetworkManager, can select the package, but even in my wildest installation, I could get the network working
without using "NetworkManager", both, reliable, and easy to use.

If I want to use NetworkManager, I use other distros, e.g. Ubuntu.

To those also using / testing Fedora, does NetworkManager work in F18?

- Yamaban, who re-reads the network-hassle from RC1 on this list,
and sees no betterment.
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