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[opensuse-factory] [RFC] sysvinit: plan B
Hallo all,

Reading the discussion about dropping sysv init, it seems the number of
people are opposing against it is big. I have an idea for people wiling to
maintain and use it in the future.

It is trivial to create a community project dedicated to that task. All
you need is to have a devel project (Base:sysvinit), where you will
maintain sysvinit and all needed init scripts. As our software stack is
really powerfull, it can be done easily. This is the snippet of the spec
file providing the init script for vsftpd.

Name: vsftpd-sysv
Description: Sysvinit script for vsftpd
Supplements: packagageand(sysvinit:vsftpd)
Requires: sysvinit
Requires: vsftpd
Source0: vsftpd.init

%{inserv ...

The biggest advantage is that there will be a group of people taking a
care about sysvinit, which is better from what we have now.

The disadvantage (or maybe an advantage) is that the amount of needed
work will be probably huge, especially adapting on upcomming changes in
Factory. I'm talking especially about Gnome, where systemd is (planned to
be) integrated into core parts (gdm, gnome-session, ...) and the
Supplements trick won't work here, so the $sysvinit project will be
enforced to provide own packages in some cases.

But in anycase, the future is in your hands ...

BTW: I am not going to be a part of such project as I support systemd
migration - I just wanted to raise my idea to you

Michal Vyskocil
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