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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Infinality Fonts

CJK fonts used for screen display do contain TrueType hints, at
least for common used ones (both proprietary and open source). So
their sizes are...nearly 20 MB for a single font.

I really doubt that. The files are so large because they contain
so much glyphs.

Can you give me a hint that how large they should be?

As I said: The size of a CJK font almost doubles if you use hints.
For example, the `glyf' table of the Japanese font ipam.ttf has a size
of 7530768 bytes (this is 93.5% of the font size), and the size for
the instructions in all glyphs is 3320591 bytes, which is 44.1% of the
glyph table.

At least for wqy-microhei you are wrong: This font doesn't contain any
hints for CJK characters.

holy crap...seems they cheat on their website...their website said
"hinting information builtin" in Chinese. OMG they're the only Chinese
open source font project...but they cheat?

I extend that cc list to its founder...

[I've fixed his e-mail address in the CC list :-)]

I've just had a deeper look, and indeed: wqy-microhei 0.2.0 beta
doesn't contain any hints for CJK glyphs.

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