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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Infinality Fonts

However, to make the third part work, you currently have to
activate some FreeType code which is potentially patented. It's
rather straightforward to circumvent this by providing sub-pixel
handling outside of FreeType (i.e. rasterizing with the horizontal
resolution increased by a factor of three, then applying a
non-patented color filter), but this isn't implemented in the X
server, AFAIK. Maybe Erik can shed more light onto this issue.

Werner- Didn't you say at one point that it wasn't the filtering
technique that was patented, but rather the specific variables
(subpixel intensities) used in the filtering?

Yes, I think so.

If that's the case then you'd just have to make sure that the FIR 5
values are not patented. Based on my understanding of what MS is
doing, they are in fact weighing colors differently based on how the
human eye perceives them ( This is
certainly beyond anything Freetype is doing, as I understand it

I've again extended the CC list. David, can you comment? You've
written FreeType's FIR code, so you probably know it best.

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