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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Infinality Fonts

[wearing my FreeType maintainer hat]

the common sense is infinality comes after 2010. so at least the
algorithm it use is not patented. or its author goes into jail
before us.

The Infinality patch set consists of basically three parts. The first
one, implementing ClearType support on the TrueType hinting engine
level, has been already integrated into FreeType 2.4.10. The second
one, improvements to the auto-hinter, is not yet added, but we are
working on it as soon as FreeType gets a proper framework to control
modules (like the auto-hinter). Right now, everything is done via
environment variables, and I can't accept this. The third part
contains improvements to the ClearType color filter.

Part one and two are not patented. However, to make the third part
work, you currently have to activate some FreeType code which is
potentially patented. It's rather straightforward to circumvent this
by providing sub-pixel handling outside of FreeType (i.e. rasterizing
with the horizontal resolution increased by a factor of three, then
applying a non-patented color filter), but this isn't implemented in
the X server, AFAIK.

Maybe Erik can shed more light onto this issue.

freetype and most of the distros dont include it by default because
its fonts list focus on proprietary fonts from MS and Apple which
dont be on linux distros thus not the type of freetype and linux
distros. [...]

But it will improve a lot for CJK fonts.

Normally, CJK characters don't contain TrueType hints at all since
this would approximately double the file size. Instead, bitmap
strokes are provided for the most common characters at the most common
ppem sizes. In other words, improvements in rasterizing CJK fonts is
usually coming from the patches to the auto-hinter.

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