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Re: [opensuse-factory] Help Apper to survive (12.2)
Am Donnerstag, 23. August 2012, 11:06:46 schrieb DenverD:
On 08/23/2012 02:09 AM, Rajko wrote:
There is no much chance to wreck the system with current version of
Apper, so it would be interesting to know how that happened and what
frontend was involved.

the 'current' version of apper that a new user would install is the one
in the most current released version of openSUSE..

Nope, the one for 12.1 as well, as the bug report I posted would have told you
if you had read it. Not sure whether 11.4 even had apper.

and i just now see the second post from a person naming apper as the
update source which 'wrecked' his day:

Nice example. The user added non-default repos. Not apper's fault. The user
enabled automatic updates. Not default, not apper's fault. Running "zypper up"
would have caused exactly the same. "YaST > Packages > All packages > update
if more recent version available" would have done the same as well.

But it's of course only apper that is broken and responsible because it did as
told by the user, i.e. update packages, obeying the user's config! Not the
updated package which messed-up his config. Not the user who took the risk of
adding non-standard repos etc. In fact, apper seems to be the only thing in
that list who did its job right.

I claim that it's valid to assume that people adding non-standard repos would
also run zypper up or use YaST to do so if apper etc. were not available.
After all, why did they add the repos in the first place, if they want to
stick with oss + official updates?


PS: If you had read the bug report you would also know that by changing the
zypp conf you can make all pk frontends show only official updates as well.
But if that was default users did and will again complain that it does not
show the updated (non-vendor-change) packages of the non-standard repos they
added for a reason.
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