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Re: [opensuse-factory] Help Apper to survive (12.2)
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On 2012-08-22 01:56, Rajko wrote:
On Tue, 21 Aug 2012 08:04:12 +0200 "Carlos E. R." <> wrote:

Well, that is good. What about the applet used by gnome?

Hey :) 1) That is not Apper.

I know. I do not know how it is called in gnome.

2) I have no idea about GNOME, as it is still kind of running in my
VirtualBox. I can see only
fallback mode, so I don't feel compelled to try it out. 2) Xfce is also
something that I don't
see often. It is a bit minimalistic; too much of conveniences are missing.

xfce now is similar to what gnome was before, and that's why I like it. Gnome
is not usable to me
now, too complex, same as kde now. Xfce does in fact use gnome libraries (some?
all?) so it feels
like home.

... to be tested by users.

I no longer test this part of the software, I stopped trusting it long ago.

Take time for a greater good :) Nothing big, just when you hit the problem,
check versions etc,
and report it.

No, not me. Sorry.
Except by accident I'm not using it any time.

I can accept having it tell that there are updates, then I'll have a look with
yast. But I'm not
using apper or packagekit to install things or do updates.

Also, when we help new users we must have current information about
software, otherwise we
don't help, just the opposite.

Right, which is one of the reasons I asked for volunteers to do so ;-)

Funny. >:-)

I will volunteer to appear in Forums, but I need someone to tell me which
post; one at the

Will do :-)

- --
Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 "Celadon" (Minas Tirith))
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