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Re: [opensuse-factory] repository priorities with Tumbleweed
so, [with reference to your note above] in pulling software from the
98th priority repo is not "losing to 99" it is winning--and the 50th
priority _is_ a higher priority than the 99th...

Attaching 0 or 1 to maximum is illogical. 0 is none/nothing/void/null, lowest
priority. Next higher would be 1, then 2, then 3.... I'd rather have $100 than
$1, because $100 is more.

Where better to see the logical conflict than Bugzilla. Near the bottom are two
importance lists side-by-side, priority, and severity. The left one puts lowest
number but highest priority at the top of the list, while the right one puts
most severe at the top.

The gist is that common sense WRT priority labeling isn't clear cut sense like
Vega, and the zypper designers, apparently think or thought.

I do not intend to sound rude in the following... I know I am quite new here...:

Is it important for the user if it is 99, 1, 0 or whatever? I donĀ“t think so as long as it is documented right next to the number (like: mouse over number, info pops up). The world is full of examples where high numbers stand for low or high numbers for high.
However, this is not the discussion I intended starting this thread. I would prefer comments on the lack of documentation I pointed out.

Especially because I want to help with the documentation voluntarily! Or are there already too many people doing this?

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