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Re: [opensuse-factory] repository priorities with Tumbleweed
On 06/22/2012 03:59 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2012/06/22 12:03 (GMT+0100) Cristian Morales Vega composed:

the meaning of priorities is the one you would expect. Set them as the
common sense tells you to.

Common only to those who think upside down or are a sports nut. For most
people higher = more = bigger, and 50 is not higher than 99. Priority
doesn't equate to blue, red & yellow like in an Olympic event, dog show
or pie eating contest. Miami won the league trophy because it had a
bigger number of points. Zero equates to losing out to non-zero. 98
losing to 99 is inane.

when picking your selection for lunch from a buffet, what is your first priority? actual quality _or_ appearance of the product?

of those two, which is first priority, and which is second?

which of those would be numbered "1st", and the other "2nd"?

if your 99th priority were a LARGE portion, would that be more important than your first and second priorities and so you always would have a very large serving of ugly, low quality food to munch on?

so, [with reference to your note above] in pulling software from the 98th priority repo is not "losing to 99" it is winning--and the 50th priority _is_ a higher priority than the 99th...

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