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Re: [opensuse-factory] repository priorities with Tumbleweed
On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 07:52:51PM +0200, Thomas Langkamp wrote:
No, please don't confuse people, if you add more repos than just
Tumbleweed you really had better know what you are doing or bad things
can, and will, happen :)

I understand.
I just would like to add the following to - between ## is the new

"The only supported method of repo use for Tumbleweed is to have
only the main repos (Oss, Non-oss, and Update) and the Tumbleweed
repo active. ## If you use more repositorys you have to know how
repo-priorities work, but even then Tumblweed does NOT support this
## "

No, please do not do that. Don't add anything about repo priorities
here, why do that, it just confuses people.

It would also be good to move this information to "Special concerns"
and to move the whole "Special concerns"-section up. For example

"Special Concerns
Virtual Machines ...
Third Party Drivers ...
## Non-Standard Repos: Only use Oss, Non-oss, and Update
combined with the Tumbleweed-Standard repo. Everything else is not
supported and might break the system ## "

That's fine to add.

You do know the legal reasons behind why packman is
there, right?

Yes. Then I do not whish you personaly to support Packman with TW -
I understand now that this is not possible from your perspectivg. the OS community discusses right now if/how to strengthen
Tumbleweed... one way would be, that Packman+TW would be supported
BY Packman.

How do you know that it isn't already supported by packman? Last time I
checked, it was...

So I will ask the Packman-guys to do that... I hope this is possible
for them. Without Packman Tumbleweed is so ... "anti-multimedia" ;)

It's no different than what openSUSE is on its own, so I wouldn't go
adding any new descriptions to it that don't also apply to the main

greg k-h
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