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Re: [opensuse-factory] Current status of Live CDs
On Thursday 21 Jun 2012 14:54:45 Brian K. White wrote:
On 6/21/2012 2:24 PM, Brian K. White wrote:
Or, and don't kill me for playing devils advocate just trying to be fair
and complete, another option is, IF it is decided that the semantic
desktop feature is a valuable thing, then maybe it can be pre-indexed
and canned, so the livecd is already fully indexed when it first comes up.

I've since read the later posts that it's probably not indexing anything
that actually came with the livcd but is indexing the various other
drives it discovers plugged in to the system.

Not the case - it is configured to only index the xdg-user-dirs -
~/Documents/, ~/Music, etc. And it is disabled on the livecd.

There is also ionice in addition to regular nice. Is it being used?

It is being used.

Perhaps the indexer(s) can also be taught to display an activity
indicator bubble on the desktop too.

"Your cpu is at 100% because we are busy building you a really cool and
powerful index of all your stuff as fast as this machine can go, look
we're 23% done already... and look, notice everything is still magically
working fast even though all this hard work is going on in the
background. Dang Linux is powerful stuff, and you, lucky user, now
_wield_ that power. Welcome to openSUSE Linux. Do not operate while

Maybe something briefer. ;)

THere are some notifications, but I guess these could be improved. Although I
don't know how to fix people who want all their CPU and RAM idle/unused rather
than doing something that is useful to them.


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