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Re: [opensuse-factory] Add Edit Feature to Yast Boot Loader using Grub2 for 12.2
On 20.06.2012 09:14, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
Josef Reidinger wrote:
Yes, this way is possible to write grub2 part of yast2 bootloader. But
it doesn't edit grub.cfg. It edits /etc/default/grub from which is
generated grub.cfg (so don't have full control for all configuration,
just subset that grub2 developer decide that you can modify). Grub2
allows even bigger configuration changes, but it contain changes in
generators and it is really tricky part.

That's retarded. Back to the yast1 days of shell script generated config
files? I thought we try to get of SuSEconfig and now we are introducing
a mechanism like SuSEconfig for the boot loader.
What's the killer feature of grub2 that's worth swallowing the bitter
pill of giving up sane yast support?

A turing-complete configuration language ;)? The only features that matter to users are EFI/GPT and the additional FS support.
There has been lots and lots of complaining about their insane development model (abandoning Grub1 without functional replacement), design of Grub2 and rather bizarre world-view preventing integration of things like TrustedGrub (which hasn't yet been rebuilt on top of Grub2) yet everybody has been putting up with this for years and years, with distros creating numerous temporary forks of Grub1 instead of investing into a creating single viable alternative.

Guido Berhoerster
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