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Re: [opensuse-factory] About the Live CDs (PLEASE READ)
  • From: Nelson Marques <nmo.marques@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 21:38:01 +0100
  • Message-id: <>
2012/6/15 Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Nelson Marques wrote:

I assume the same is true when it comes to internet speed and
bandwidth caps and usb thumb drives. Saying "8G drives are $6 is
actually kind of gross. That means, all those 4G drives you already
own are what? Throw them away even though you paid $30 for them? Just

You will never be able to provide a out-of-the-box solution for every
single consumer of openSUSE; You go for the majority... and so far in
countries like India, Brazil and others, optical media still plays a
major role where you don't have internet access. So nuking away 9%
storage that is available on optical media (either you use it or not)
just sounds a bit harsh for the sole purpose of allowing 4Gb sticks...

Well, I also payed almost 500€'s for my graphics adapter a few years
ago... Now it's pretty much obsolete... Yeah, it's gross to throw it
away now and pay 500€'s more for a new one which can rule on CRISIS ;)
But sure... that's how it works... things get obsoleted. Deal with it.

Yeah, of course we have to, but we also have to accept that just because
something appears to be obsolete in some places, it isn't in others.

So you are basically agreeing with me... We shouldn't drop 9% of DVD
storage in images because DVD's are far from obsolete in many places ?

Somebody today even mentioned booting from floppies, which is a
technology that is obsolete to most people, yet the harddisk
manufacturers remain glued to them for diagnostics and the motherobard
ditto for BIOS upgrades.

On the Desktop world all the boards I have from the last 5/6 years do
support flashing from the operating system (if windows), if not
windows it's not really that hard to make a bootable USB stick with
FreeDOS and get it flashed.

My recent boards can't be flash from floopy because the BIOS itself is
far greater than the 1.44Mb the floopy can handle :)

As far as I'm concerned, xDSL is way obsolete

xDSL is probably not die so easilly because most countries already
have a copper wired infra-structure deployed for years, which is far
cheaper than installing phiber for example. Furthermore, you have to
consider that operators do give a damn about population density; There
is no country in the world than has full coverage on phiber ;)

You can also consider HDSPA or even LTE.... but the implementation of
the infra-struture and licences aren't really cheap, and in most
countries you won't have coverage for it as you have for the already
installed wired copper.

I doubt it will become obsolete anytime in the next 10/20 years... But
I might be wrong.

New technology adoption might be easier in countries like Portugal and
Switzerland because they are quite small... But take countries the
size of Germany, Canada, Egypt, China... Let me know which one is
cheaper.... the wired copper infra-structure for xDSL, phiber or
wireless technologies like HDSPA or LTE. I'm pretty sure that all
operators will deploy phiber and LTE on zones with very low population
density ;)
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