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Re: [opensuse-factory] Calling for a new openSUSE development model
Am Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012, 23:59:39 schrieb Marcus Meissner:
A while ago i filed a request for just this improvement in /dev/null err
i basically got no attention, so i planned to post here after the 12.2
release - you were faster and i would have been flamed / ignored anyway^^

This is a process change, not a distribution feature... So what we are
discussing here.
Well i thought that openFate would be the tool to get the idea spread to other
people to pick up, discuss, vote and improve upon, obviosly it didn't work.

drop Factory
do it tumbleweed style, that is a package goes into release(Tumbleweed)
when its stable and has been tested, if it breaks something -> revert
since Tumbleweed is always stable just release openSuSE $VERSION on time by
copying Tumbleweed into a release repo

You will never be able to do:
- compiler upgrades
- other toolchain upgrades like libtool, automake, autoconf ... all of whiuch
usually break their share of packages
- gnome, kde changes that break non-core-gnome/kde apps
- perl upgrades, python upgrades, etc.

all of these happen in Factory and will not be possible with your model.

New toolchain things _BREAK_ other stuff ... either by incompatibility or
bitrotting. It needs to be fixed.

the gcc4.7 update the way it was doen did work very well, no? a feature branch,
development and testing done there and as it was done it was merged to Factory
the only fallout was yast & zypper, at least what i noticed. BNC also didn't
show more.

doing this the right way would make openSuSE a whole lot more stable IMHO,
and it would also attract more contributors,

See above, it would basically turn us to an effective stand still.

because getting something in the hands of actual users could be done as a
weekend project, instead of a multiple month time investment

i could go into more detail, but I'm unwanted here so i try to keep it short

I the hope this is being well received and it might improve openSuSE

A bit more rolling upgrades like Tumbleweed would be possible...
like the factory snapshots? we have them right now but i think it needs more
packagers using mainly factory and for that factory needs to be stable

But again, chaning foundations
is not possible in your model I think.

i think the gcc 4.7 update showed how it's done right -the zypper/yast part

Ciao, Marcus

Christoph Obexer
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