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Re: [opensuse-factory] Calling for a new openSUSE development model

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a gcc update would be useful, this probably has to happen very early in
the cycle (right after the release).

It looks like this proposal has potential, but I wonder and ponder.

I went on to compare the development schedules of a few groups. Because
I could not find the freeze dates for older openSUSE anymore (why remove
them from the detailed view?), I took RC1 as freeze point.

#Group Ratio days between merge-phase and frozen-phase
openSUSE_11.4 7.50 210/28(RC1)
openSUSE_12.1 8.62 224/26(RC1)
openSUSE_12.2 7.78 210/27(RC1) (prerel-freeze: 6.18, 204/33)
Debian_4 4.73 553/117
Debian_5 2.34 476/203
Debian_6 2.91 536/184
Fedora_17 1.22 111/91
Fedora_16 1.67 105/63
Fedora_15 1.06 104/98

And now for the winners:

Linux_3.4 0.24 12/50
Linux_3.3 0.25 15/59
Linux_3.2 0.24 14/58

My interpretation: there is not enough testing going on in openSUSE.

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People that commit (accept) changes to a repo should check back within
the next 24h whether the repo still builds and if not fix their

Manually checking is time consuming. Email delivery about failed events
would be better. Such already exists in OBS, but with a handful of
twists. For one, the notification system is too coarse: IIRC, lnussel
has enabled notifications for his account, and he will get fail reports
for packages/PRPs he is not interested in. That is what I remember from
a mail of his after I added non-SUSE targets to security:netfilter...
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