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Re: [opensuse-factory] Calling for a new openSUSE development model
Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx> writes:

That's actually a very big point here. We already lost contributors
because factory-auto does some checks now that require to clean up your
spec file. Now to be honest, our main goal should be to have fun. But
this fun applies to all parts, so while it should be fun to update
packages (at least to those that can take fun out of it - we're a
special kind :), it also has to be working well enough for those that
use it.

Nicely said, in other words: your fun must not prevent the others from
having fun.

I still believe that we must change our "strategy" about changing
everything all the time. This just does not work nowhere. Even if
upstream software developers believe in release early, release often, we
(that's you and the other distribution assemblers) must not pick up all
the early release early ;)

We need defined goals that are doable. If we decide that e.g., a gcc
update would be useful, this probably has to happen very early in the
cycle (right after the release). And as long as this is not settled,
the other "big players" must wait, even if they are probably completely
unrelated (such as the kernel, grub, gnome, kde, systemd, etc.).

And I agree. If you can't update glib to the latest upstream version
because xteddy maintainer won't act on your mails, fun stops and you
take some other activity to spend your work time on. But that's why
my first and (so far undoubted) idea was to have more people working
on all packages. And these guys then have to fix xteddy to make this
whole process work.

Yes and no. If the defined goal was an glib(c) update, "these guys"
wouldn't have to fix all the other packages (xteddy); of course, they
would have the responsibilty to help with keeping the core of the
distribution running.

Not sure, whether can make sense of my thinking (and writing).

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