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Re: [opensuse-factory] HALLO - ANYBODY OUT THERE? [WAS About the Live CDs (PLEASE READ)]
On 14/06/12 08:55, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky wrote:
On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 3:24 PM, Hans Witvliet <suse@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, 2012-06-13 at 19:26 +1000, Basil Chupin wrote:

The use of USB sticks is really not something to be seriously
considered. Not everyone has the ability to use this medium.

However, there is little difference cost-wise or effort-wise between
having to burn a CD and a blank single-layer DVD.

I am NOT talking here about releasing 4.3GB of data to fill a SL DVD but
saying that if the volume of data to be downloaded by users is only
marginally greater then what would fit on a standard CD then there
wouldn't be a problem.

In fact there were a few LIVEs "CD"s recently which I had to burn to a DVD.

Downloading ~800MB to be burnt onto a DVD is acceptable - but not
downloading 4.3GB.
Discussion was more about 1GB instead of 700 or 800MB...

Allthough i'm in favour of live-images of 1GB there is one risk:
With repair or netboot images the incentive to keep the image small is
obvious. Just like cd 700MB limitation of a cdrom.

When that limitation is removed, there might be a tendency that for 12.2
the live image is 800MB, the next 1GB, next one 1.5GB.
If not careful we end up with a live-blu-ray, live-data-centre or a
live-cloud ;-))

Exactly! Yes, the trend is for optical media to vanish.

I really don't know if some people are living in some parallel world to this one :-) .

Some 15+years ago I watched a science program from the UK which dealt with the latest and greatest and the future (much like we now have here in Australia called CATALYST which is an ABC [Australian Broadcasting Commission] production).

In that science program of 15+ years ago, there were segments which stood out in my mind: the fist was the use of ceramics in motor vehicle engines as the ceramics almost never wore out (and this also resulted in having ceramic knives, very very brittle, used by chefs - which is a reality, BTW); and the other segment dealt with DVDs and categorically it was stated that DVDs were already "old technology" and will be replaced "real soon now".

And so, we still have CDs, SL DVDs, DL DVDs, and BlueRay DVDs......

This trend for "optical media to vanish" is something like Microsoft abandoning XP some time ago. Except that business told MS to go and fly a kite - and XP is still being used.....

But for 12.2
there's a commitment for the four media previously delivered: NET
Install that fits on a Mini CD, GNOME and KDE that fit on a 700MB CD
and an install DVD that fits on a 4.7 GB DVD. That's what we should
ship for 12.2 even if it means making some sacrifices of lesser used
packages. We *have* popularity data; I've seen the rankings in SUSE

Ummmm......what is SUSE Studio?

I know that my neighbour doesn't know anything about SUSE Studio - and neither do I. And I have been using openSUSE for some 11 years.

How is SUSE Studio - whatever it is - going to improve my life? Does it make my Firefox browse faster or my Thunderbird make me type messages faster?

So I know there are packages we can axe to get things to fit
the committed formats.

For the next release, there's lots of discussion, including discussion
of the release / schedule strategy. My proposal is to switch to a
Debian-style "release when we are stable" for at least the LAMP stack
and other server-level components - Perl, Python/DJango,
Ruby/Rails/Sinatra/WebYast and PostgreSQL.

For more active upstream components, like Node.js, NoSQL databases,
compilers, desktops and applications, I like the Tumbleweed approach -
lag upstream as little as possible without breaking installed systems
or introducing dependency nightmares. For release media, I'd favor a
"Puppy Linux" sized MiniCD with IceWM or maybe OpenBox and NET install
and 1GB and 4GB LiveUSB images, eliminating the 700 MB and 4.7 GB

Good luck :-)


Using openSUSE 12.1 x86_64 KDE 4.8.3 and kernel 3.4.2 on a system with-
AMD FX 8-core 3.6/4.2GHz processor
16GB PC14900/1866MHz Quad Channel Corsair "Vengeance" RAM
Gigabyte AMD3+ m/board; Gigabyte nVidia GTX550Ti 1GB DDR5 GPU

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