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Re: [opensuse-factory] About the Live CDs (PLEASE READ)
And I mean: who has NO alternative and would have to use another Linux if we
would move to 1GB images?

1GB is pretty much acceptable.

I honestly think we're trying to cater to a group of people which doesn't

They do exist, I have one crap laptop that has a buggy BIOs which
doesn't allow me to boot from USB; Netbooks for example are rare to
have optical media drives. But moving to 1GB is pretty much acceptable
and a far better solution than have zypper pulling stuff after.

So I would suggest we move to 1GB live images. We make sure the USB image
also works from DVD and point people to in case they can't boot from
USB without a CD. Last but not least, for those really older computers, we
offer a LXDE or XFCE liveCD. Then we cater for everyone.

Up to 1.5 sounds pretty much reasonable to me, Mint does it... and you
don't see many complaints on their foruns...

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