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Re: [opensuse-factory] simplicity, WAS: About the Live CDs (PLEASE READ)

I like GNOME3. I *use* GNOME3. But I don't see a huge difference
between a Fedora GNOME3 and an openSUSE GNOME3. I think an openSUSE
KDE can be sigificantly better than Fedora's KDE or Ubuntu's KDE, if
only because of the geographic proximity of some of the core team
members of the two projects.

99% of the universe still refuses to understand that GNOME3 isn't only
about the shell, but it's also a transiction from a traditional code
stack in C that now has a potent set of bindings to other high level
languages (python, java, etc).

Now this creates a lot more of possibilities for new people to enroll,
specially those who don't give a damn about low level stuff and only
want to get their applications. Look... What is easier to refactore,
low level C or python?

If you are skeptical... Do you see Canonical or Mint doing deep core
stuff? ;) Looks like they were the ones with the brains... while all
the others are just following God knows what...

There's also some core "semantic desktop" functionality (Nepomuk) in
KDE that hasn't been surpassed IMHO by anything GNOME, Unity, MATE or
Cinnamon have to offer. I don't think you can even get this on Windows
or a Mac - I've run that by the Nepomuk team and they say it's a lot
of engineering work.

KDE is nice, and my intention isn't to tackle KDE... it's just
claiming that GNOME has no place on a visible openSUSE it the worst
attrocity someone can do. I saw too many people looking forward to
vaporize GNOME2 out of the map... I hope it's clear now that was a
huge mistake... openSUSE is a dead stick if it doesn't change...
people need to be bald and agressive to move openSUSE into the
highlights... KDE isn't going to do that for us ;)

2. If you have network during an install, measure its speed and offer
the user alternate desktops with a warning on how long the install
will take. Offer the non-OSS components at install time like Ubuntu

What happens if you don't ? Which will be a lot of cases if you
consider a 'worldwide' panorama :)

3. Provide the rest of the install media via our "other app store",
SUSE Studio Gallery.

Do that, and prepare for worldwide boycott :)

How is being number six on the Distrowatch rankings, behind even
Mageia and Debian, fundamentally different from a "worldwide boycott"?

When that cames from AC Nielsen of Gartner, maybe then we can think
about it... From a simple ranking from clicks... it means nothing...
Let me guess you also believe that there are more Mint installs than
Red Hat ? :)

The company where I work has probably more Red Hat's than the whole
users in the bloody country... So is that proof enough that those kind
of statistics really mean nothing ? I should know, my field of
expertise is actually marketing management (which includes market
studies) ;)

It's a numbers game and openSUSE's numbers are terrible. We have a
strong community, SUSE Gallery, OBS and as far as I know the corporate
side is doing acceptably well on the business metrics - revenues,
expenses and competitive positioning in the enterprise. Why are we
behind Mageia and Debian? For that matter, how did Mint manage to pass

No, like I said before what openSUSE needs is a set of goals for the
Board to act upon... so they can be judged and senteced by the
community according to their success and failures. For how long do we
ear the 'Foundation' crap... Why are those people that preach for
years are seen as heroes when they fail year after year ?

See where this is going... This is going to the point where your users
don't trust you anymore and couldn't care less about what happens :)

Welcome to the new world! One where only the bald and the ones with
guts to give their chest to the bullets will strive... :)
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