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Re: [opensuse-factory] About the Live CDs (PLEASE READ)

On Fri, 08 Jun 2012, Stefan Seyfried wrote:
* a browser (firefox) and maybe an email client (thunderbird?)

Nope. Seamonkey! Seamonkey package is 44.3 MiB (without translations,
those are a whopping 50.5 MiB containing locales for
with more than half of that being hypenation stuff that is probably
not needed on such a disk)), Firefox 37.7 MiB + 32.7 MiB translations,
Thunderbird 44.3 MiB + 43.3 MiB translations. Do the math ;P

Using Seamonkey instead of FF + TB would help the live CD a lot I guess.

* the chosen desktop should be "complete" and "functional" (i know,
there are different meanings for different people). E.g. keep the
multimedia stuff and the music player included, so that hardware
compatibility can be tested (you don't need MP3 for testing the
soundcard, ogg is just fine for that).
* rescue tools: all filesystem stuff, gparted, gpart, whatever. Maybe
even some forensic stuff, Greg Freemeyer might know what is useful also
for a "normal" user who has "just" killed his partition table and wants
to recover it.
* basic documentation, maybe the man-pages packages. Brian explained the
reasoning for that quite good: "I happen to value documentation on live
media specifically because half the time I'm even USING a live media is
because I'm either installing or repairing or otherwise do not have
normal use of the machine, which may mean no access to internet (at
least via that machine)."

Same here.


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