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Re: [opensuse-factory] About the Live CDs (PLEASE READ)
On 2012/06/07 14:00 (GMT+0200) Stephan Kulow composed:

I kind of assumed only people with a clue about the
issues and the will to change things would step up.

Some people (e.g. me) have an interest in seeing that real or potential negative attributes of proposed changes, which are often made _apparently_ only for the sake of change, are appropriately considered prior to implementation proceeding. Current example: kde4 was renamed to kde-plasma without any accompanying symlink to prevent kde4 as default (.dmrc) or previously selected session type from preventing KDE startup.

All your suggestions are only valid for non-installable media, which is

I guess I must have made another erroneous assumption that openSUSE's live media imitated those of other major distros in being dual purpose, both live, and installable. I guess maybe I need to stay out of live media threads even when OPs shout for FEEDBACK.

not what we're talking about here. And perl and python are not
programmer's tools but language interpreters.

Had it been me writing your OP I would have omitted packages that couldn't rationally be considered for removal from the indicated media. If cpp is required by Xorg or KDE, it wouldn't have been on a list I made. In my tired state hours past when I should have gone to bed I must have assumed that most of that list's content was candidate for removal.
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